In commissioning heritage records the balance between the selective and objective needs to be a
careful choice of technique informed by an appropriate response to significance. Bill Blake
Heritage Documentation, in partnership with
Latimer CAD, SCCS and kubit gmbh supports, trains
and demonstrates the key tools. With 30 years experience in the sector Bill Blake Heritage
Documentation is able to offer advice and guidance on measurement techniques, data selection
and presentation for heritage projects.

Working with partners in survey BBHD offers bespoke practical 'hands on' skills transfer for:

Direct to CAD Total station and Disto survey/Rectified photography/Laser scan to CAD processing.

CIPA principles/ Condition recording techniques/Ante-disaster recording.

Laser scanning/ Photogrammetry/Measured Drawing/Drawing standards/ Cartography for heritage
surveys/Applied CAD


Developed in response to the need for a simple method of handling total station data in real-time
TheoLt remains the finest tool for working with TST survey in CAD. The simple structure, rapid start
up and robust performance all make TheoLt the optimum tool for real-time CAD survey.
includes fully featured building plan production tools and
TheoOffice which makes processing
survey control data easy including a GSI translator with full least squares adjustment.

A rapid, simple to use, low-cost method for generating auto-interpolated 3D contours as layer
managed standard polylines. TheoContour provides a quick route to surfacing, analysing and
displaying low density 3D point data in AutoCAD. TheoContour is unique in allowing a 'non
standard' UCS to be used for contour generation making it extremely flexible.

Is the simplest method for integrating image data in to CAD survey. Capable of incorporating
camera calibration and 3d control data PhotoPlan by kubit offers rapid routes to facade survey. In
CAD montage production and 3D VRML model outputs are options possible in AutoCAD enabled
by PhotoPlan.

Getting building plans done in CAD using the Disto means working with measured drawing
technique, DistToPlan gives the surveyor all the workflow options needed to get the best from the

Handling point clouds in AutoCAD as a drawing production method is far from simple and kubits
point cloud is the best route to success. Endorsed as an OEM tool by Faro, PointCloud is fast
becoming a recognised standard route from point to drawings. Drawing on the success of
PhotoPlan kubit has included a unique image processing tool-set which levers the power of the
image into the pointcloud space for 3D digitising.


Download PDF English Heritage Specification for Metric Survey
The comprehensive technical performance description for metric survey applied to heritage.

Download PDF English Heritage Guide to Laser Scanning
A description of scanner types, their products and applications.

Download PDF BBHD guide to KAP
A collection of working notes on flying camera-lifting kites with information on how radio control
and video link can be used to control the camera.

Download PDF Sample training guide for CAD survey
Prepared by BBHD to enable an archaeological team to use a Total Station Theodolite (TST) to
map excavation areas, monument details and terrain.

Download PDF Selected plates from Banister Fletcher
Examples of architectural draughtsmanship including comparative architectural details and

Download PDF CIPA RecorDIM Heritage Doc Teaching guide
An illustrated description by leading practitioners of the principal techniques in use, with examples
of metric techniques applied to heritage documentation.

Download PDF ICOMOS UK Guide to Recording Historic Buildings
Published in 1990 this guide remains definitive in its explanation of the necessity of
documentation. Graced with examples of effective use of building recording.

Download PDF Measured & Drawn: techniques & practice for the metric survey of historic

2nd edition of the English Heritage guidance on how to choose applied metric survey technique.
Describes the full scope of techniques, illustrated with practical case studies.