Project type:
Measured drawing training provision.

Hands on, 'build your own drawing' sequence using
traditional or Disto toolsets.

Scale measured drawing skill awareness and

English Heritage /RLICC Leuven/WMF

Getting measured drawing done appropriately and knowing when it's
needed is a touchstone to quality heritage records of buildings.
Using real-time TST survey and observational drawing together, students
are immersed in the selection of line and the decision making processes
which determines informed and critical architectural records.
Developing and valuing drawing skills is an often overlooked aspect of
heritage recording. BBHD is committed to making drawing skills work in
metric survey as both a CAD quality standard and as an expression of
observational understanding of architecture.
Making choices, through drawing, about the lines that define the edges
of architecural forms will avoid the presentation of measured work as